Imagine… a continent much bigger than Europe, devoted to peace and science.

Imagine… a pristine world, mostly unexplored.



Once upon a time, I discovered this astounding place. Part of me is still there. I am eager to share my experience  with you.

Antarctic Stories is all about life and ice and us. About bringing together our talents, to take care of this continent which has so much to offer.

From Europe to Antarctica, the future depends on us.


Let's take action. You can do more than you think.

  • You are a scientist? Help us all understand better what is at stake in Antarctica.
  • You are an environmentalist? This site is yours to raise awareness on the challenges ahead.
  • You are an entrepreneur? Why not generate innovative ideas around Antarctica?
  • Whoever you are - a citizen interested in the subject - give it visibility, spread information, discuss…

This site is an Agora, and a journey to Antarctica. Join us! Share your stories, experiences and ideas on our blog .