BAS scientists react strongly to latest IPCC report

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report on Monday 8 Oct 2018, calling for global action to prevent catastrophic climate change. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) talked about their reactions and the risks of further melting of the Antarctic ice sheets. Read their comments here...



Financial Times video about Antarctica

A surprising topic for the Financial Times but a great 4-minute introduction to Antarctica, why research is important and what it's like to spend time on a base there. See it here.

BAS explores impact of plastic in the polar regions

Scientists have found plastic waste almost everywhere on Earth and Antarctica's once pristine seas and shorelines are also being polluted with debris and particles of microplastics. Over the next three years, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will be conducting research to assess the impact of  plastic on the polar regions. Read more.