climate change

BAS scientists react strongly to latest IPCC report

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report on Monday 8 Oct 2018, calling for global action to prevent catastrophic climate change. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) talked about their reactions and the risks of further melting of the Antarctic ice sheets. Read their comments here...



East Antarctic mosses dying out due to climate change

Antarctica has very little vegetation apart from a few extremely hardy mosses that grow in East Antarctica. Now it seems these are dying off due to climate change which has made the region much drier. Read the BBC's news item or the scientific paper in Nature Climate Change.

ICESat-2 launches to measure polar ice

What's happening to the Antarctic ice-sheet? How quickly is it melting and by how much? A couple of days ago NASA launched ICESat-2 which will allow scientists to get a clear picture of ice-sheet loss at both poles - and the potential sea-level rises this will cause. The technology on board can measure changes in height of the ice to within 4 millimetres!