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Stunning new high-res map of Antarctica

A team from the University of Minnesota has recently published a stunning new map of Antarctica: the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica. The map shows the continent's features in extraordinary detail and will be a powerful tool for scientists monitoring the Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets. LiveScience published an associated article with background on the project.

BAS scientists react strongly to latest IPCC report

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report on Monday 8 Oct 2018, calling for global action to prevent catastrophic climate change. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) talked about their reactions and the risks of further melting of the Antarctic ice sheets. Read their comments here...




"Entretiens-Monde" est une plateforme de rencontres à l'initiative de collègues fonctionnaires européens: Michel Coomans, Jean Bourlès, Joël Le Quément. Je connais bien ce dernier, il travaillait comme moi à la Direction Générale "Recherche" de la Commission. L'entretien du 26 septembre, 60ème du nom, était intitulé "L'Antarctique hier et demain, enjeux et défis".