Geoengineering islands to stop ice melt flowing into the sea

Scientists based in Finland and the US are suggesting radical solutions such as building artifical islands to block the flow of melt water from Antarctic glaciers reaching the sea. They believe that this geoengineering is the best solution to prevent millions of people being displaced as sea levels rise due to climate change. In their article in Nature, 14 March 2018, they ask some challenging questions. "Is allowing a ‘pristine’ glacier to waste away worth forcing one million people from their homes? Ten million? One hundred million?

Sea ice blocks mission to Larsen C Ice Shelf

Heavy sea ice has prevented an international team of scientists from reaching the area where the massive "A68" iceberg broke off from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in July 2017. When the iceberg calved it exposed parts of the seabed never accessible before due to the vast covering of ice. The team, from nine European institutions, had hoped to use this unique opportunity to discover more about this hidden Antarctic habitat. Instead, the scientists will now focus on the deep seabed off the Larsen A ice shelf.

La colonie de manchot à Crozet (TAAF) au mois de février 2018

A voir! Cette belle photo panoramique de la colonie de manchots de la Baie du Marin à Crozet, prise au mois de février 2018 par Rébecca Garcia, la volontaire au service civique du programme 137 ECOPHY de la mission 53 à Crozet.