King penguins at risk from climate change

With their bright yellow markings on the head and chest, King penguins are an iconic species of the sub-Antaractic islands in the Southern Ocean. But recent research shows that these much-loved birds are at risk from climate change. The Southern Ocean's Antaractic Polar Front is moving south, taking with it the abundant food supplies that well up where wamer and colder waters meet.

A clearer picture of Antarctic ice loss

New techniques developed by NASA are enabling scientists to calculate ice flow into the sea in greater detail than ever before.  And there are some dramatic results: the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing ice at an accelerating rate probably due to ocean warming. However, flow into the sea from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet remains steady. So there's still plenty to understand about how the ice sheets respond to changing ocean and atmospheric conditions. Read NASA's story.

Recensement de particules de plastique dans l'Océan Austral

Des chercheurs belges sont partis ce mercredi vers le détroit de Gerlache, dans la Péninsule Antarctique,  où ils vont étudier la biodiversité marine. Ils vont aussi recenser les particules de plastique dans l'Océan Austral, considéré, jusqu'il y a peu, comme relativement préservé par la pollution. Read more.