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Good news for Adelies!

Climate change is threatening many species of animals across the world. But Adelie penguins are benefiting from the loss of sea ice – they much prefer swimming in the sea instead of waddling over the ice! Read more: https://news.sky.com/story/antarctic-penguins-are-happier-with-less-sea-ice-scientists-find-12014356    


Mystère de l’œuf géant

Depuis sa découverte en 2011, le mystère plane sur les origines d’un œuf à coquille molle de 18 cm sur 28 cm trouvé en Antarctique. Quel animal a pu pondre un tel œuf – le deuxième plus grand jamais découvert ? Finalement, les chercheurs ont une réponse. Lire plus : https://www.sciencesetavenir.fr/archeo-paleo/paleontologie/oeuf-mosasaure_145214 A giant soft-shelled egg found in […]

Ice shelves may disappear very rapidly

New research that examined the ridges on the sea bed in Antarctica suggests that floating ice shelves could melt back by 6 miles (about 10km) per year. Although some scientists dispute the findings of the study, if correct it could have major implications. Melting at this rate could mean sea level rises around the world […]

Parts of ‘White Continent’ turn green

As parts of Antarctica experience warmer weather, the snow is turning green. The colour is caused by blooms of algae which grow on the slushy snow, nourished by the nutrients in penguin droppings. Scientists discovered the blooms on satellite images and confirmed their presence by visits to the affected areas in the Antarctic Peninsula. The […]

Microplastics found in 10 year old ice core

Scientists have found microplastics in an ice core taken from east Antarctica in 2009. It’s not clear where the plastic came from. But it’s possible that it is the result of local pollution from visitors to the continent (researchers and tourists)  raising questions about their impact on its ‘pristine’ environment. Read more here.