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Antarctic seal photo wins prize

French photographer, Florian Ledoux, cares deeply about the Arctic and Antarctic. His photos show the wonder and fragility of the wildlife and the landscapes. His drone photo of crabeater seals recently won the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year competition. See the picture and read more here. There are more amazing photos on Florian’s website: […]


Blue whales return!

Can we change things for the better? Here’s a good news story to encourage anyone working to protect the wildlife of our planet. A team led by the British Antarctic Survey spotted 55 blue whales on a recent expedition to South Georgia (a sub-Antarctic island). The Antarctic blue whales were once critically endangered but their […]


Record high temperatures in Antarctic

Summer temperatures in Antarctica have been hitting record highs. Earlier this month, the temperature rose above 20 degrees C for the first time, provoking further concerns about ice melt and rising sea levels. Already, scientists are seeing icebergs calving from Antarctica’s glaciers at an increasing rate. https://www.livescience.com/antarctica-record-high-temperature.html  

Lengthy stays in Antarctica shrink brains

An extended stay in a remote Antarctic research station is the closest thing to a long space journey that humans can experience without leaving Earth. But scientists have discovered that the isolation and unchanging views have an impact on the human brain and cognitive abilities. The study was small, so more research needs to be […]