Antarctica, our shared heritage

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Antarctica is a ‘sentinel of extremes’. Its harsh yet vulnerable environment is an indicator of the health of the entire planet – its climate and its ecosystems.

My Story

It began with my love of deserts and a desire to protect their fragile beauty. This led me to Antarctica, the biggest desert of all. Now my story continues with you and our exchanges on this website.

Europe Science & Innovation

Europe’s links with Antarctica go back to its earliest exploration. Today, European researchers are active in this laboratory for the world.

Into the abyss – new interview online

Entretien exclusif: Claude De Broyer est un grand spécialiste de la biodiversité marine en Antarctique. A travers cette interview, il nous emmène jusque dans les profondeurs de l’océan austral, à la découverte d’une vie fascinante et encore très mystérieuse.

Our latest exclusive interview is now online. We talked to Claude de Broyer, an eminent Belgian specialist in marine biodiversity about his adventures in the mysterious depths of the Southern Ocean. It’s a fascinating read (in French).