Emperor penguin colony collapses

Emperor penguins are iconic birds of Antarctica. Yet, a major colony at Halley Bay has failed to breed for the last three years, possibly due to a decline in the sea ice in the Weddell Sea. https://www.bas.ac.uk/media-post/catastrophic-breeding-failure-at-one-of-worlds-largest-emperor-penguin-colonies/ Photo:…

Journée mondiale du manchot 25 avril

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Life at one of the world's remotest places

We've recently come across this video from 2018, which gives a fascinating glimpse into the lives of scientists at the Franco-Italian Concordia station situated on the Antarctic Plateau. Concordia is the one of the most isolated places on Earth.…

Beyond EPICA is 'go' to drill for oldest ice on Earth

A European project called 'Beyond Epica' held a press conference on 9th April, announcing that it is is ready to start as of December this year. Its goal: drilling for the oldest ice on Earth in east Antarctica. Leading ice and climate scientists…