Image: © Rob Robbins/USAP Diver

Robot discovers surprisingly warm water under Thwaites Glacier

Scientists have sent an underwater robot called Icefin to explore under the Thwaites Glacier and they have made a worrying discovery. The water temperatures are unusually warm. "Warm waters in this part of the world, as remote as they may…

Researching the ‘doomsday’ glacier

In a new report, the BBC explains why the melting of the Thwaites glacier could bring catastrophe, not just to Antarctica, but also to maritime cities around the world. With a mix of diagrams, photos and text, the report tells the story of…

West Antarctic ice sheet thinning dramatically

Scientists have known for some time that the West Antarctic ice sheet is thinning. But new research from the University of Leeds, UK, and based on European Space Agency satellite data has revealed that the ice loss is much greater and faster…
Source NASA

Manhattan-sized cavity under Thwaites glacier

Satellite data from a NASA-led project has revealed a massive cavity under the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica. The cavity covers an area about two-thirds the area of Manhattan and is 300 m tall. This discovery has surprised scientists who…