Huge lakes under glacier challenge ideas on sea level rise

Australian scientists have discovered huge lakes under the Totten glacier in East Antarctica. This new revelation is causing a rethink in how ice melt from Antarctica will raise sea levels. More research is needed to get a clear picture of how…
Source NASA

Manhattan-sized cavity under Thwaites glacier

Satellite data from a NASA-led project has revealed a massive cavity under the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica. The cavity covers an area about two-thirds the area of Manhattan and is 300 m tall. This discovery has surprised scientists who…

Worrying news: East Antarctic ice sheet is melting

For a long time, it was thought that the East Antarctic ice sheet was stable, unlike the west of the continent. But now scientists have found signs of significant melting with potentially serious consequences for rising sea levels. Read more…

The western ice sheet is melting, what about the east?

It's widely known that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting and now scientists believe the ice sheet in the East is succumbing to the effects of climate change. This fascinating article from National Geographic explains the background. It…

Ice sheet retreating

Antarctica is a sensitive indicator of rising global temperatures See how the Antarctic ice sheet is melting from below: background and animation.

Geoengineering islands to stop ice melt flowing into the sea

Scientists based in Finland and the US are suggesting radical solutions such as building artifical islands to block the flow of melt water from Antarctic glaciers reaching the sea. They believe that this geoengineering is the best solution to…

Rescued radar images reveal what's under the ice

Scientists in the US are about to share some two million newly digitised images from radar surveys of Antarctica conducted in the 1960s and 1970s. The images let researchers 'see' hundreds or even thousands of metres down through the ice to…