Amery ice sheet calves giant iceberg

A huge new iceberg has just broken off from Antarctic's Amery ice sheet. Its birth shows the vast scale of events in this extraordinary continent. Read more

Antarctica's amazing insect

Did you know Antarctica's largest native land animal is a flightless insect measuring less than one centimetre? 'Belgica Antarctica' as it's known in Latin may be tiny but this little midge is tough. It can survive being frozen for most of the…

The perils of weather forecasting in Antarctica

We liked this story from ABC Australia of life in Antarctica, including the 'pleasures' of getting stuck for 40 hours in a shipping container while a blizzard rages outside. Some great photos too.    

Chroniques de Voyages en Antarctique

Nous vous invitons à découvrir de très belles émissions sur franceculture. Chroniques de Voyages en Antarctique Nicolas Martin suit une vingtaine de personnes de tous horizons - des ornithologues, glaciologues, menuisiers, mécaniciens,…
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What future for Antarctica? ISPI asks challenging questions

Earlier this month, the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) published a thought-provoking dossier online, with the title 'The Global Race for Antarctica: China vs. the Rest of the World'. It looks at questions such…

Polar Medal winner, Catrin Thomas, spends 17 summers in Antarctica

Few people have as many Antarctic stories as British mountaineer, Catrin Thomas. She has worked as a field guide for the British Antarctic Survey for 17 seasons. And now, she has been awarded the UK's Polar Medal. The medal was originally given…

Penguin poop - biodiversity friend or foe?

Penguin poop makes a good home for other living organisms, says new research in the Antarctic. Millions of invertebrates have been found thriving on piles of penguin droppings. But will this rich source of nutrients allow invasive species to…

Emperor penguin colony collapses

Emperor penguins are iconic birds of Antarctica. Yet, a major colony at Halley Bay has failed to breed for the last three years, possibly due to a decline in the sea ice in the Weddell Sea. Photo:…

Journée mondiale du manchot 25 avril
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Life at one of the world's remotest places

We've recently come across this video from 2018, which gives a fascinating glimpse into the lives of scientists at the Franco-Italian Concordia station situated on the Antarctic Plateau. Concordia is the one of the most isolated places on Earth.…