Antarctica warming faster than the rest of the world

The interior of the Antarctic may be warming much faster than the rest of the world. So says new research, which looked at natural climate variability and human-made climate change. It's another warning that we can't wait to act on climate…

Mystère de l’œuf géant

Depuis sa découverte en 2011, le mystère plane sur les origines d’un œuf à coquille molle de 18 cm sur 28 cm trouvé en Antarctique. Quel animal a pu pondre un tel œuf – le deuxième plus grand jamais découvert ? Finalement, les chercheurs…

Antarctica's meteorite mystery

Meteorites are dark coloured lumps of rock that fall from space to earth. They can be very small but on a continent covered in snow and ice, it's easy to see them. So you might think that makes Antarctica an ideal place for scientists looking…

The sounds of sorrow and the sights of hope

In a remarkable article, UK Guardian journalist, Jonathan Watts, tells the story of his visit to Antarctica sponsored by Greenpeace. You can listen to his audio recording of icebergs melting. But also read about a wonderful encounter with a…

Antarctic seal photo wins prize

French photographer, Florian Ledoux, cares deeply about the Arctic and Antarctic. His photos show the wonder and fragility of the wildlife and the landscapes. His drone photo of crabeater seals recently won the Nature TTL Photographer of the…
By Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith - Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus), CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40573659

Blue whales return!

Can we change things for the better? Here's a good news story to encourage anyone working to protect the wildlife of our planet. A team led by the British Antarctic Survey spotted 55 blue whales on a recent expedition to South Georgia (a…

Blood-red snow as high temperatures persist in Antarctica

Some Northern parts of the 'White Continent' are turning red as high temperatures cause brightly coloured algal blooms. Although it's not a unique phenomenon, this 'raspberry' snow is another indication of the pressures on Antarctica's delicate…

NASA images reveal impact of Antarctic heatwave

The recent record temperatures (up to 18.3 degrees C) on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula have cause rapid ice melt - and NASA's satellite images show the devastating effect. Up to an inch of snowpack melted in just one day. Although…

Record high temperatures in Antarctic

Summer temperatures in Antarctica have been hitting record highs. Earlier this month, the temperature rose above 20 degrees C for the first time, provoking further concerns about ice melt and rising sea levels. Already, scientists are seeing…

A la découverte de l’exposition ‘Antarctique’

A lire: un très beau reportage sur l’exposition, Antarctica, au Musée des Sciences naturelles, paru dans le Télémoustique. Telemoustique article janvier 2020 Exposition jusqu'au 30/8/2020 www.naturalsciences.be