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Belgica 121: On its way home

Belgica 121, the low impact scientific mission to Antarctica that we've been reporting on, is heading back to South Africa. The team has been collecting samples of water and ocean life and diving in icy waters to advance understanding of biodiversity…

Diving with icebergs – Belgica 121 gets to work

The Belgica 121 research expedition is now at work exploring the life and geology of the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. We're proud to be following this remarkable project which is showing how research can be carried out with minimum disturbance…

Belgica 121 is on its way, sailing to Antarctica

"Marking the 121st anniversary since the first Antarctic expedition in human history, an international team of nine scientists embark on a journey to the frozen continent. Their choice of transport: a small sail boat." This is the synopsis…

A voir: l’Antarctique extraordinaire

A voir cette épisode du "Jardin Extraordinaire" sur le RTBF (chaine de télé belge) - un magnifique reportage sur l'antarctique.

New survey of Antarctic krill

Krill are tiny crustaceans found in huge quantities in the Southern Ocean. They are a vital food source at the base of the food chain, eaten by whales, penguins, seals and squid. Last year, we posted about an industry initiative to protect…

Belgica 120, participez à l’aventure!

Un voilier transportant des scientifiques en Antarctique pour étudier, là où les navires ne peuvent se frayer un chemin, la biodiversité - encore trop peu connue - au sein de l'océan Austral. Voilà le beau projet qui se met en place……
unsplash-logoLeo Furiolo

Southern Ocean among the last wildernesses of the seas

A new study shows that just 13.2% of the Earth's oceans are now truly wild. The seas around the Antarctic contain some of these remaining wilderness, which makes efforts to create new marine protected areas (our previous blog post) all the more…

Stronger winds bring bad news

Modelling the impact of CO2 on the oceans and climate is a complex task. Now, new research suggests that stronger westerly winds around Antarctica will mean that the Southern Ocean absorbs less CO2 in future. This new information will help scientists…

Industry limits krill fishing in Southern Ocean

Good news for efforts to conserve the Antarctic's fisheries and the fragile eco-systems of the Southern Ocean! In early July (2018), the Association of Responsible Krill harvesting companies (ARK), which represents 85 percent of the krill industry…

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