Microplastics found in 10 year old ice core

Scientists have found microplastics in an ice core taken from east Antarctica in 2009. It's not clear where the plastic came from. But it's possible that it is the result of local pollution from visitors to the continent (researchers and tourists) …

Beyond EPICA is ‘go’ to drill for oldest ice on Earth

A European project called 'Beyond Epica' held a press conference on 9th April, announcing that it is is ready to start as of December this year. Its goal: drilling for the oldest ice on Earth in east Antarctica. Leading ice and climate scientists…

Exceptional! Live discussion at the European Parliament with a scientist direct from Concordia Base

A unique event took place yesterday at the European Parliament (EP). It was a live web call with senior climatologist Dr Jérôme Chappellaz who is currently at the Franco-Italian Concordia Base in Antarctica, with EP Vice-President Heidi…

Dr Robert Mulvaney talks about Beyond Epica

British Antarctic Survey scientist Dr Robert Mulvaney explains the European 'Beyond Epica' project and what it's like to be part of the ongoing hunt for the oldest ice record. Read his personal account here.