NASA images reveal impact of Antarctic heatwave

The recent record temperatures (up to 18.3 degrees C) on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula have cause rapid ice melt - and NASA's satellite images show the devastating effect. Up to an inch of snowpack melted in just one day. Although…

Record high temperatures in Antarctic

Summer temperatures in Antarctica have been hitting record highs. Earlier this month, the temperature rose above 20 degrees C for the first time, provoking further concerns about ice melt and rising sea levels. Already, scientists are seeing…

A la découverte de l’exposition ‘Antarctique’

A lire: un très beau reportage sur l’exposition, Antarctica, au Musée des Sciences naturelles, paru dans le Télémoustique. Telemoustique article janvier 2020 Exposition jusqu'au 30/8/2020  
Image: © Rob Robbins/USAP Diver

Robot discovers surprisingly warm water under Thwaites Glacier

Scientists have sent an underwater robot called Icefin to explore under the Thwaites Glacier and they have made a worrying discovery. The water temperatures are unusually warm. "Warm waters in this part of the world, as remote as they may…