Kelp surfs to Antarctica

It used to be thought Antarctica was cut off from the rest of the world. But earlier this summer, scientists published a paper showing that kelp had reached the continent by 'surfing' on the ocean waves driven by the wind. Read more...

East Antarctic mosses dying out due to climate change

Antarctica has very little vegetation apart from a few extremely hardy mosses that grow in East Antarctica. Now it seems these are dying off due to climate change which has made the region much drier. Read the BBC's news item or the scientific paper in Nature Climate Change.

Good news for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet?

The calculating the impact of physical processes like ice-loss and climate change on Antarctica is extremely complex. And often the outlook is bad. But over the summer, scientists from Ohio State University, USA, found that the bedrock under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is rising faster than expected. That could be good news, because as the land rises it could help stabilize the ice sheet and prevent further melting. Read more....