Southern Ocean among the last wildernesses of the seas

A new study shows that just 13.2% of the Earth's oceans are now truly wild. The seas around the Antarctic contain some of these remaining wilderness, which makes efforts to create new marine protected areas (our previous blog post) all the more important.

Stronger winds bring bad news

Modelling the impact of CO2 on the oceans and climate is a complex task. Now, new research suggests that stronger westerly winds around Antarctica will mean that the Southern Ocean absorbs less CO2 in future. This new information will help scientists model climate change, and it may well indicate that fiercer 'westerlies' will accelerate global warming in the future. BAS has more on this story.


De l'Antarctique à Haïti

Denise est belge d'origine haïtienne. Je la connais depuis peu, depuis mon exposition "Sentinelles de l'extrême" d'avril dernier, qu'elle venait visiter. La visite s'est muée en une passionnante discussion, que nous continuons depuis.