The western ice sheet is melting, what about the east?

It's widely known that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting and now scientists believe the ice sheet in the East is succumbing to the effects of climate change. This fascinating article from National Geographic explains the background. It includes some great videos giving non-technical explanations of glaciers and ice-sheets - and the images are stunning.

ICESat-2 launches to measure polar ice

What's happening to the Antarctic ice-sheet? How quickly is it melting and by how much? A couple of days ago NASA launched ICESat-2 which will allow scientists to get a clear picture of ice-sheet loss at both poles - and the potential sea-level rises this will cause. The technology on board can measure changes in height of the ice to within 4 millimetres!

Paul Nicklen: photographer who captures the beauty of the poles

We recommend this inspiring article about Paul Nicklen who grew up in the north of Canada, learning survival techniques from the indigenous people. He has since become world-famous for his breathtaking wildlife photos taken in both the Artic and Antarctic.