Industry limits krill fishing in Southern Ocean

Good news for efforts to conserve the Antarctic's fisheries and the fragile eco-systems of the Southern Ocean! In early July (2018), the Association of Responsible Krill harvesting companies (ARK), which represents 85 percent of the krill industry in the Antarctic, committed to stop fishing in large coastal areas around the Antarctic Peninsula.

Grand succès de l'exposition à Uccle

Le Wolvendael, Magazine d'Uccle, vient de publier cet article attestant du succès de l'exposition photos "Sentinelles de l'extrême" organisée à la Maison des Arts en avril dernier, ainsi que de la Table Ronde sur la vie en Antarctique qui a eu lieu à cette occasion.

New research shows ice loss accelerating

ESA reports that a team of researchers from around the world has discovered that ice loss in Antarctica has accelerated three-fold since the last such study in 2012. Between 2012 and 2017, Antarctica lost 219 billion tonnes of ice a year, raising sea levels by 0.6 mm a year.