If you’ve ever wondered why Europe is involved in polar research, the links below will give you some answers.

Last year, 50 experts from 16 countries got together at a workshop in Spain to discuss which topics in polar research are relevant to European society. They aimed to identify areas where it makes sense for Europe to be involved and which are suitable for EU funding.

Their findings were published in 5 White Papers with introductions, diagrams and photos that make them accessible even if you’re not a polar scientist!

  • White Paper No. 1: The coupled polar climate system: global context, predictability and regional impacts
  • White Paper No. 2: Footprints on Changing Polar Ecosystems: Processes, Threats, Responses and Opportunities for Future Generations
  • White Paper No. 3: Managing human impacts, resource use and conservation of the Polar Regions
  • White Paper No. 4: The Road to the Desired States of Social-ecological Systems in the Polar Regions
  • White Paper No. 5: Advancing operational informatics for Polar Regions
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