The latest chapter of My story was my journey to the Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia last year. I wanted share this experience and my photos of these beautiful places seemed a good place to start. Some of the photos are on this website and I’ve created a touring exhibition of the full set. The third exhibition is currently taking place at the European Commission’s premises at “Covent Garden”, Place Rogier, Brussels.

On Thursday, 7 September, there will be a closing event in the Atrium. I will be giving visitors a guided tour of the exhibition, and there will be presentations of projects and activities in Antarctica from various researchers – as well as a concert by a trio of highly skilled musicians.

It will be a great occasion for colleagues from the European Institutions to meet and discuss, and share a drink. It’s all about breaking ice and breaking silos! And combined expertise is needed as far as Antarctica is concerned – from climate change to lichens. The presentations should be an interesting contribution to the debate.

A taste of what’s on show:

Penguins come and go in the sea and socialise on the beach, while indifferent elephant seals lie under the hazy sun. South Georgia, where this picture was taken, is obviously the local fauna’s Saint Tropez, the place to be.


In South Georgia, not all penguins have time to socialise. This huge gathering is called a “manchotière”. The smaller babies remain safely hidden inside from scavenger birds, while the chicks that are big enough to defend themselves are allowed near the edge. These are the brown furry ones, bigger even than their parents! Some adults are queuing to get to the sea and fish for their offspring. Definitely no partying here!

A man who was on the sailing boat with me walks towards what is called “the iceberg cemetery” on the Antarctic peninsula. An atmosphere of end of the world, don’t you think?

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