I was delighted to welcome EU colleagues to the vernissage of my latest photo exhibition on 21st June. And a big thank you to Priscila Fernández-Canãdas, Director Directorate I – Innovative Administration, for opening the event.

The exhibition is on throughout the summer at the cafeteria of the ORBN building in Brussels. If you work for the EU, please do call in and look round!

You’ll see pictures of my journey to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetlands and South Georgia sub-Antarctic islands in 2016. It was an extraordinary experience, even if travelling from Cape Horn to Antarctica on a small vessel was like spending seven days and nights in a tumble dryer!

At the vernissage, I shared stories about iceberg cemeteries, the Chinese and Ukrainian bases, the Belgian Princess Elisabeth base, the violent love life of sea elephants (fighting males often end up with a bloody nose, or worse), baby penguins, leopard seals, and powerful predators like the killer whale.

I can’t take everyone on a personal tour, but I would like to share the message about Antarctic’s fragility. Even in these remote places, you can find pollution and signs of human impact on the climate. And in some cases, the tourists who lack respect and an understanding of nature. The authorities work hard to remove waste and only small boats are allowed, so some ecological balance is maintained. But we should never forget that Antarctic is vulnerable and needs constant protection.



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